The history of the shipyard begins in the second half of XIX century, when the Savona family moved from Sicily to Sardinia, a land of long nautical traditions. The architect Andrea Columbu, the fifth generation on Savona parentage, is relaunching the dismissed brand with new shareholders and new projects, guided by the same passion for the sea and devotion for work of his predecessors.

This is how Cantiere Savona, first innovative shipyard start-up was founded in 2012. Innovative both in products and in financing methods: Cantiere Savona is the second company in Europe to close an equity crowdfunding campaign and the first one for amounts of funds gathered, reaching 380.000,00 euros from 44 investors.

Cantiere Savona Srl
Via Regina Elena, 6
09035 – Gonnosfanadiga (VS)
P.I. IT03338490927